Thursday, April 10, 2008

Videos and Flickr...

Aside from uploading photos (which is why Flickr came into fruition) Flickr users can now upload up to ninety (90) seconds of video (with a 150Mb limit per video) to their account.

Not everybody in the Flickr community is happy, though. In fact there are already a number of users and groups that are rallying against the idea, which eventually became a reality today, April 10, 2008... or April 9, 2008... depending on which side of the globe you're currently in.

What gives? You can already "Broadcast yourself" via YouTube; not to mention the availability of numerous pretenders that would only be too happy to lay claim on the YouTube throne.

Sheesh... to think that I extended my Flickr Pro account for another year just a few days ago.

Flickr loves you. Right. No wonder I don't use Yahoo as a search engine anymore.

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