Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Green cutie

Kool Kombi

If this thing doesn't strike you as cute, I don't know what will. Chubby new-born pandas perhaps? Maybe these?

This year Hot Wheels came out with a 'tooned version of the Volkswagen Kombi. Man, is it cute. Not Care Bears nor Rainbow Brite-cute, but manly, surfer-dude-cute.

I'm a sucker for VWs — Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Transporters or Kombis (or microbusses), Golf GTIs, and the venerable Type 181. Why not? Volkswagen has Porsche lineage, for which I'm also drawn to like a bug (puns are fun) to black light.

Anyway, it's super-deformed (pardon the Gundam allusion, I still can't quite get over them), it's got tampos of waves on the sides, and it's metallic green! 3 levels of Kool! Note the surfboards at the back and you've got 4. Wheelie bars just push the casting off the edge and into über-coolness. If the Kool Kombi was real and tested by BBC's Top Gear trio, it would be placed on the Sub Zero side of the Cool Wall.

I, however, really don't care for the lame orange colorway which was the second variant, but I got one anyway. I'm pretty sure I can bastardize it so that it'll come out more decent. The third release for 2013, the white one, rocks so much that it can take away a bride and her groom from their dream Malibu beach wedding to their honeymoon hotel. I can't wait to get my hands on that one.

And so, the blabbering stops.

Kool Kombi
Kool Kombi
Kool Kombi

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Kool KombiKool KombiKool KombiKool Kombi

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