Friday, September 24, 2010

Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew

Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew
Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew

This book caught my attention a few months back since it was all about Philippine basketball as seen by someone whose nation invented the game. It almost forgot all about getting it until a friend pointed it out when we were at a local bookstore.

When I saw it at 20% off the retail price, I just grabbed a copy and headed straight to the cashier. ^_^

The book was a great read about hoops in the Philippines and almost every aspect has been wonderfully documented by Rafe in a light and almost comedic way... plus a bounty of historical facts and annecdotes that even I didn't know about.

Anyway, kudos to Rafe Bartholomew for letting the world know that Filipinos got game too!

The 20% off just made it even sweeter. :)

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Anonymous said...

E 'vero! Penso che questo sia una buona idea.
Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. In questo nulla in vi e credo che questa sia un'ottima idea.


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