Friday, August 06, 2010

Next up, the 'Bee.

It's the Courier's turn.
After snubbing Bumblebee's War for Cybertron Deluxe action figure during its first release; and after weeks of waiting for it to be available once more, I was able to get him over the weekend... with a little help from by better half... as usual.

Every time we'd visit a mall for something, I'd always, always, check the toy section and the shops if WFC Bumblebee was again available. This went on for days of disappointment, and the days turned into weeks of frustration.

And I finally snagged the little bugger, along with TF Generations Thrust — another elusive figure.

I digress, let me tell you, the TF fans/collectors here in the Philippines are damn crazy! Once a series comes out, they (or we, rather) clean out the aisles, and you'll never see those figures again unless they are re-released! Cases like this would be followed by unlimited questions in local online forums as to where the figures are available, if they were. Some collectors would get a pair, if not three — one for playing with the figure, one for MOC, and the third for... uhm... I guess for selling in the future. Me? I only got one. My wife would kill me if she saw me buying two toys of the same kind.. with her money. LOL!

Moving on, I got BB in his robot mode fresh from the card and decided to transform him into his Cybertronian courier mode. Having watched a couple of YouTube reviews about BB, I thought this was gonna be easy-peasy. Not! It must've taken me at least 15 minutes before I could finally marvel at his alt mode. The WFC Optimus Prime transformation from 'bot to vehicle mode was easy, but 'Bee's? Hell no.

The transformation must be virtually perfect so that you could align all the panels and make all the tabs/pegs sit in their proper, err, holes.

Oh well, first time's always the most cumbersome, right?

Anyway, here are the pics —

Bumblebee - Cybertronian courier mode
Bumblebee - Cybertronian courier mode
Bumblebee - Cybertronian courier mode
Click here for the rest of Bumblebee's pics.


chrismandesign said...

man, u make me feel so jealous !!! these grabs r fabulous !!! indeed i like so much the super futuristic look of the WFC Transformers line & i was surprised when i found that they r Hasbro & not Takara, as i thought... i know bout ur dissapointment feeling, when u visit a toy store... although the assorted of toys has been improved in the local market, there r a lot of great collection figures that will not b seen here in my country never, so u should bring them on request & pay the price for that... if only the toy makers understand that the collectors hav some needs unmet...

NelMan said...

Thanks again, Chris.

I was really impressed with the licks of paint Hasbro applied on this series, not to mention the level of transformation... two of the main reasons which pushed me to go ahead and acquire the figs. Of course, the way they look in their alt modes, wouldn't hurt too. ^_^

I share your sentiments on the availability of toys in the local market. The same thing goes around here -- not much are available. If they are, the pieces are very limited when they arrive.

It's a good thing that we have toy stores that are quite energetic in acquiring figures that are only available in other countries.

Actually, I'm considering sellers in eBay international as possible sources of hard-to-find toys... if only the shipping wouldn't kill me. :(

Thanks again for dropping by, man. Much appreciated. And I do hope that these figs would be available in your country soon! :)


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