Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boxes and cards

Today I continue with my infatuation in taking photographs of my toys' boxes (or cards.)

I guess the reason why I keep on doing it is I want to be able to remember how exactly my toys looked like before I opened them. I'm not much of a mint-on-card or mint-in-sealed-box kinda guy. I like to take my toys out for some pics, play with them for a while, then shove them inside the box for all eternity. Hmmm... OK, maybe mint-in-box.

I have a close friend who likes his toys factory sealed... and I really, really admire his strength in keeping himself from opening those precious and beautiful works of art. Someday, those toys of his will be fetching very high in the market... and I'll kick myself in the butt for not getting a second copy of the toy and following his lead.

Anyway, I'm quite surprised that I haven't posted 'Bee's mint-on-card images... until now.

War for Cybertron Bumblebee
War for Cybertron Bumblebee

And to add a little shebang, I'll show you Thrust's as well... so that I won't forget. ^_^

Transformers Generations Thrust
Transformers Generations Thrust


chrismandesign said...

infatuation ??? LOL... i’m not a mint-and-don’t-even-see-it guy, for me that’s quite frustrating to buy a toy & leave it as an untouchable object of a museum, neither a buy-two-pieces-of-each-one guy... there r collectors for everyone...

NelMan said...

LOL! I just take pics of the un-opened boxes/cards for posterity, Chris... then I wreak havok on 'em toys! LOL! :)


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