Thursday, July 08, 2010

The face behind the voice.

I was searching the interweb for the lyrics of the beginning theme for Voltes V when I happened to chance upon a picture of Horie Mitsuko, the lady who sang the national song of all Voltes fanatics (my person included) out there.

Horie Mitsuko

She looked great, I thought.

Continuing the search, I landed on YouTube, where the lyrics of the song was sub-titled onto a clip of the five machines volting-in.

Here's the clincher, among the related videos on the side bar was a link to Horie performing live in a concert during the year 2000!

Click. Twenty seconds in and I'm having goose-effin'-bumps!

This video is an absolute win in soooo many ways!

I loved the way Horie sang. I like the way she moved; especially when she emulated Voltes V's "V" stance. I like the way the crowd reacted to her and the song.

Yes. Win. This song... and the singer. Win. Definitely.

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chrismandesign said...

this is totally unknown for me... i dunno bout the series, neither its soundtrack...the song sounds pretty classic anime style & the performance is great, so i guess it must hav been a great series as well... =O


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