Monday, May 17, 2010

What I get for being a product photographer

These are my prizes for doing a decent enough job in product shoots.
Revoltech Yotsuba
I still can't seem to bag the elusive Summer Vacation version of Yotsuba, and it may take a long while before I do — it's been out-of-stock for months now. Well, maybe someday.
Amazon Japan Exclusive Revoltech Danboard
I've had more luck in acquiring this Amazon Japan Exclusive Revoltech Danboard (than Yotsuba's Summer)... and I almost missed the chance of getting it. I asked the wifey to pass by my favorite toy shop only to learn that their stock had been bought earlier during the day. It's a good thing that I wasn't disheartened enough to call their other branches, and alas, their Makati branch still had one on stock! A reservation was placed and delivery arrangements to their Greenhills branch were made.

On the same note, another exclusive Danboard is out there, although this one is really, really quite hard to get — the Revoltech Danboard 7-11 Net Box Version (Limited Edition). Well, maybe someday, too.

Edit: Oh yeah, before I forget, there's a mini version of Danboard too! ^_^
Yotsuba and Danboard
Oh, and the client who's commissioned me to do the product shoot? She's my wife. d{^_^}b


chrismandesign said...

hehehe... funny actually, myb ur wife is the better client u could ever hav =PPPP... this pair of pieces were offered to me by my friend/collector/provider (myb not the Yotsuba specifically...) but as they were not of my taste at that moment, i let them go... anyway they r delicious, but i made my choice for the Yamagushi Gloomy Bear, something more in my mood =PPP

NelMan said...

LOL! They are indeed delicious, Chris. I haven't taken out of the box for proper shoots, though. :)

And yes, my wife is my best client, ever! ^_^

NelMan said...

Chris, the Gloomy Bear is in my watch list too! :)


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