Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mean... just mean.

Or sick.

That's what the Urban Material Chogokin Mazinger Z is.

  • Almost a meter tall (900mm)
  • Around 8 kilograms
  • Only 10 units will be produced
  • Made of Titanium Carbon
  • 2M JPY (tax included)... yes, two effin' million Japanese Yen! O_o

Made of Titanium Carbon. The figure is 900mm tall, about 8kgs heavy. The display base included is 600mm tall, with 400mm in width and depth respectively, weighting about 4kgs.

UMC Mazinger Z
UMC Mazinger Z
UMC Mazinger Z
It's kinda disappointing that a 2M JPY figure has articulated elbows but no articulated fingers.
At least that's what it seems. ^_^
UMC Mazinger Z
Titanium Carbon goodness all around!

Do you know someone who's going to get one of these? ^_^

Images from Tamashii.

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