Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tifosis over vampires

Twilight saga

Here's another book-related post for those of you who want to see if I really do any kind of reading.

I didn't know what the phenom behind the Twilight saga was... that is, until I watched the first film, and I quite liked it. OK, so I liked it a lot.

I'm guessing if the movie was good, then the book behind it must be better, right?

Last night, I bought the entire set to save myself from having to come to the bookstore every time I finish the previous book.

Twilight saga

There were hard-cover versions available but they were almost twice as expensive as the paperbacks, so I opted for the latter... although I admit, the New Moon special edition with black cloth cover, storage box, and came along with other memorabilia was very tempting. I resisted the hard-covers and the special edition since I'm gonna store these for good as soon as I finish the entire set, anyway.

Twilight saga

On a related note, a few months ago, I was actually choosing between a Michael Schumacher bio and the 4-book set. The tifosi in me won. ^_^

The best... ever?
The best ever

Back to the topic -- I started reading Twilight this morning on my way to work while on the commute (MMDA's color-coding sucks bigtime!) and 15 pages in, I like the book already. :)

Twilight saga

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