Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Max Factory Mazinkaiser re-issue

Awe-effin-some! This has got to be the most-awaited news in Gokin land -- Max Factory's Mazinkaiser re-issue!


Max Fac Mazinkaisers have long been considered quite rare. This can be backed-up by the fact that the price of 'Kaisers have more than doubled (or tripled) years after the original release. I've seen sellers pricing this thing at around 600 USD.

Mean. Very mean-looking.

Now, with this re-release slated on January, 2010, non-hadcore collectors get a fair chance of owning this wicked fig, priced at 15,540 JPY (tax included).

Hmmmmm... In this regard, I'm always wondering why Bandai is taking so friggin' long to release a SOC Mazinkaiser... is it waiting for the centennial number? GX-100 Mazinkaiser perhaps?

Anyway, time to save-up and make room for a post-Christmas present for yourselves, guys! ^_^

Images from the Figma Blog.


BCS said...

I'm droolin', I'm droolin'!

NelMan said...

LOL! Me too!

It's great to see that you're getting more spare time to read blogs, 'tol! :)


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