Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tough as nails

I've had this Seagate FreeAgent Go for around a couple of years now and it is still working flawlessly.

Seagate FreeAgent Go
My uber-tough 160Gb FreeAgent Go

I'm mentioning this in spite of the fact that I have already dropped it (unintentionally, of course) no less than three times -- once from my car's passenger seat to the pavement, once from the top of a 3-foot high table, and once again from the same table -- while the drive is still connected to my mobile computer.

Call me lucky... or you can call it tough. Either way, it's definitely a must-have for someone who shuttles gigs of files to and from the office everyday.

Caveat emptor: I've read reviews on the interweb where consumers have dropped it ever so slightly and it failed to work afterwards.

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