Friday, September 25, 2009


Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

Ohhh-kay. Time to bring out a little more diversity for this one, and post a book review. Yes. A book review.

I had just finished reading Dan Brown's latest novel, The Lost Symbol, two nights ago and... well, it didn't actually blow my mind off.

So I guess it would be needless to say that Brown's Angels & Demons is still on top of my Robert Langdon adventures. With that in mind, I'm still second-guessing on which is better -- The Da Vinci Code or this one.

I do not know if Brown is lobbying for a third movie installment (of course he is, right?) but with the way the novel is written and the way it's time frame is delivered, The Lost Symbol is perfect for a two-hour movie.

The telling of the story is pretty much straightforward that you'd think you were actually watching a movie unfold before your very eyes.

As expected, Brown has once again sprinkled it with lots of trivia about things what we already know, and you can expect this to go on the moment you turn past the first pages until the very last chapter. If you're a trivia buff about general knowledge (like I am), you will be giddy about this book which covers interesting facts over a vast array of disciplines -- religion, art, history, technology, to name a few.

There is only one major twist in the story that would make you utter the words "I thought so," although there is a number of turns on the side.

Much like the first two Langdon adventures, The Lost Symbol only contains a handful of action scenes... sheesh, I'm now talking like this is a movie review.

Speaking of the movie-like way the book was written, I'm imagining Morgan Freeman to be cast as one of main characters. If only the female boss of The Incredibles was a real person, I'm quite sure that she'd make it, too. ^_^ Surely, Tom Hanks would reprise his role as the great cryptologist, Robert Langdon. And as for the main antagonist, a good friend of mine, Bryant, suggested Dwayne Johnson. LOL!

Come to think of it, what he said is a possibility.

All in all, I'm not a ratings (read: n out of 5 stars) kind of reader/reviewer, but The Lost Symbol is definitely a must-have. Just go out and get your copy. Now.

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