Friday, September 04, 2009

Another way to lazily light your figures

Here's another lighting setup that I use if I'm not that lazy in putting up the lamps when I'm shooting my toys.

This time I'm using a dark background and two 23-watt fluorescent lamps to capture the Volt Bomber's profile.

Lighting setup

A black board was utilized as the platform and background, while the two lamps were placed on both sides. The one on the left was placed slightly above the Lander, while the one on the right was level with the toy.

Copy papers were used to diffuse the direct light coming from the lamps. This was necessary to eliminate the harsh lights and to keep the highlights from being blown up.

Finally, since I do not have barn-doors (metal flaps that allow you to prevent the light from a certain area) two more boards were used to block the lights from spilling over to the background*.

You can click on the image of the setup above to view the complete notes.

Oh yeah, the result --

Volt Bomber

* I know, I should have taken comparison shots to clearly show what the heck I'm talking about when I talk about harsh lights or blown highlights. Promise, I'll do that next time. ^_^

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