Monday, August 31, 2009

Five years!

My blog is now technically 5 years old this day!

During the first few years, I never thought it could go this far. In fact, I never knew blogging would get this big.

I actually created this account (then with Blogspot) just for the heck of it -- just to say that I have a web log. This is evident on the number of posts I made during the blog's first four years -- two. Yes, two pathetic posts.

It was only in April 2008, the year I got hooked on Gundams, that I tried to regularly update it with posts about my kits' works-in-progress.

Since then, the blog has gone through a number of revisions including layout changes, header mods, and content.

What has been reborn as a blog for my Gundam kits and their progression to completed works has diversified a bit into one about other toy lines, photography, tech gadgets, and news.

To you guys, who drop by for whatever reason, thank you so much!

So there! Here's to another five awesome years! ^_^


Jacques said...

congrats on your 5th year anniversary! looking forward to many more years and great works to come. keep up the good work

NelMan said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Jacques!


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