Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm gonna veer away from my usual mech posts to give way to Big Blue himself, Superman.

I finally got him, after three long years since the initial release in the SDCC. The greatest superhero of all time. I don't care what others may say, but he IS the greatest. Ever.

What put me off in buying action figs was the quality. Sure, I had action figs during my youth... I had He-Man and some Joes (which are coming back big this year, which is its 25th anniversary)... but their quality with regard to detail sucks! I know you KNOW just what I mean. Even as a child, I knew the quality of the toys I had sucked. No, they weren't bootleg copies, ok?

Even though their detail quality leaves much to be desired, the sturdiness of 'em toys is top-notch. Stomp on them, bury them in the dirt, make them brawl with other figures, or throw them with all your kid-might into the wall and they'd just come back for more.

I don't know what happened within the next decade or so (I outgrew toys and moved on to more adult hobbies ^_^) but DC Direct brought Alex Ross' version of some of our favorite heroes to life, albeit minutely. DC brought justice (pun intended) to the art of Alex Ross.

I think that's enough nostalgia for now lest I bore you to death.

I rounded the stores in Shoppesville (about four or five of 'em still carry the Series I Supes) twice or thrice just to make sure that I get the cleanest figure. Each time I would look at the paint, the bleeding (or lack of it), and for the presence of smudges. I guess it took me all of 3 hours before I finally decided which to get.

The others either had paint smudges, bleeds, or lack of detail. I had to pay a premium (not that much, though) just to get this one. Let's just say that with a few hundreds more in pesos, I could get the Justice League boxed set (of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and, of course, Superman.)

Here he is... MY Superman.

Needless to say, I went home a VERY happy camper and as of this time, I don't want to take him out of his box for more pics! LOL! ^_^

I just hope I don't buy DC Direct figs the way I bought Gundam kits -- with reckless abandon... on second thought, they don't need any building or assembling, do they? ;-)


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