Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WIP - SD Justice Gundam

BB # 268 Justice Gundam

My fiancee's second (she now owns my SD Strike Gundam) Gundam kit -- BB #268, Justice Gundam.

She personally hand-picked the Justice from a local toy store's display racks. So I guess she got first say on the "quite" custom colors too! ;D

Primed, AB'd, panel-lined, and top-coated. Completion-wise, it is around 60% complete... I haven't done the backpack yet... nor completed the detailing on the gun. Anyway, I still suck at gunpla modeling! LOL!

These SD kits, with all their cuteness and charm, are really taking away my time from building my MG backlogs... to think that I've got another one (or two, hopefully) coming at the end of the month!!!

By the way, pardon the photo quality. I had to make do with my back-up cam -- a Sony Ericsson P990i -- as two sets of my S2IS' batteries recently gave up on me all of a sudden... which reminds me, I've got to get a charger that can re-freshen up dead batts... and a set of Eneloops. ;D

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